Floated in between spaces. Layers of cloud burst into snow. As it falls, it melted, turning into millions of rain drops. Where are you i whisper. Ive been looking for you, snow covered angel. Then i found you. But i couldnt to feel you, touch you or hold you. Too cold a body to be close to. Frozen solid and not moving. Ill sit here and wait till summer comes. Wait till the sun melts the snow on your skin. Wait till you come alive. To kiss you and give you warmth. To protect you. To love you. My angel, snow covered no more.

Merry Christmas…

Filmstrip rides on seven hundred and twenty sprock holes. 

Dusty yellow streets where she waited.  

Four days and nights of sweetest dreams.

Woken up by fences in a different world.Dying to rest, dying to hold and dying to dream again,

But not dying itself.

So much red paint along the road.

Red paint on white colored cotton, slowly tearing apart.

Dreams are meant to be fallen for…

with no tangability…